St. Stephen’s Green Dublin May 2012

I went into St. Stephen’s Green late afternoon yesterday to take some video footage. I’ve passed by on the bus so often and kept promising myself to go there. It was always a place to go to when I was a teenager. It is such a beautiful scenic area right in the heart of the city of Dublin. It was packed out with tourists and native shoppers alike, as it was such a glorious day. I like the secludedness of the spot here, which I landed on after getting off at the nearby 46A bus-stop from Donnybrook. I got the grand-stand into the film, which was good. It is such a “green” area. Even the water is super green with the algae. I made sure to include some people in the film for posterity reasons. It’s so easy to pretend they weren’t there, but the talking in the background is too noticeable. Besides they were all in jubilant relaxing mode due to the rare sun-shine. There was a very contented atmosphere with bodies lying all over the park. I would thoroughly recommend it for children and families and for people on their own like me who just want to soak up the wonderful atmosphere on such a beautiful afternoon.

Speaking of such, I spotted a very pretty girl in a white communion dress and umbrella. I asked the grown-ups accompanying her if I could take a snap or two as I knew they would lend themselves beautifully against the backdrop of the scenic environment. Thank you, Emily, I hope the rest of your day went very well for you.

Emily had a friend called Zoey-Boey. As you can see, the two of them make for a really gorgeous picture. Emily’s dress and hat are to die for. Thank you girls and also to the grown-ups for allowing me to take these snaps in St. Stephen’s Green on a sunny May afternoon. I hope the Canon EOS 550D that mama recently got is to her liking? I’ve got one of them on order.

I really like this snap of the pond. It reminds me of a painting. You can see the reflection of the rest of the trees in the pond, that are not in the picture.

This is another one I like.


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