Gems: St. Stephen’s Green May 2012

I think this is a gem of a photo, even if I took it myself. Do you ever notice that when you are least expecting a good shot and just take one on the spur of the moment, without ever thinking that you might end up with something that you really like? Well, this is one of those where I’m concerned. There is so much privacy here. The tree and the seated/sunbather folk are all facing in the opposite direction. Everything is happening in the top half of the picture. The bottom half of the photo is completely bare.

This photo of Zoe-Boey and Emily is another one that was taken on the spur of the moment and it is so beautiful. I hope the grown-ups who will look at this later will agree with me.

I really like this Photo. It reminds me of a picture-post-card of a Constable painting. I like the various blend of brownish yellowish colours in the trees and the pond. The bridge gives it an olde worlde felling to it. The white blobs in the water are puzzling? I wonder if they’re blurbed ducks? As you can see the water is full of algae. Nice one!

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