A darn good May day at the Dodder Donnybrook, Dublin

Continuing on from more views in my midst in last post. As I reached the end of the road I came upon a tiny drawbridge that is generally only suitable for one pedestrian at a time. I was hoping nobody would be in a hurry to cross, or would bring either a pram or a bicycle, as I would then have to dispense with filming and move off the narrow pathway to make room. As luck would have it, a young lad on a bicycle kindly knew my predicament and un-disturbingly so squeezed past me so as not to disrupt me filming the Dodder. I was surprised that there was not a lot more noise from the traffic in the final result of the video, considering that it was late afternoon and it being traffic rush hour. I didn’t expect the sound of the rushing water to be so dominant, so it’s really an added bonus. I had been thinking over in my head as to what music I could play in the background. I’m glad that’s not necessary now, as the sound of the rushing water is sweet music to the ears and is very relaxing and oh so natural. The Dodder is not as accessible as the Grand Canal. Nonetheless it’s still very refreshing to come down and look at the rippling sounds of water. It does get cold crossing it in the dead of winter.


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