A fine late afternoon in May at St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin

I hadn’t planned on taking the bus into town, it just happened that one was passing by as I was walking along the road in Donnybrook. So I thought to try to get some video footage of St. Stephen’s Green seeing that it was such a fine day. The camera battery went dead, so I didn’t get as much of a variety as I’d have liked in this beautiful spot right in the heart of Grafton St. shopping area. Afterwards I browsed around the Green shopping area. I rounded off the short time spent there in an open ground-floor cafe gorging on two scoops of Maud’s special ice-cream and a blueberry, banana, orange and yoghurt smoothie and read to boot – available to patrons – Irish Independent.

I hopped off the 39a bus at Fitzwilliam Sq., coming in from Donnybrook and strolled along into nearby St. Stephen’s Green. I didn’t have to walk too far to come into this view. It’s quite hard to believe that it’s within a minute’s walking distance from the shopping area of Grafton St. There were throngs of people basking in the sun on the grass further down. I decided to film here,- instead, as it was so lovely and peaceful and with not too many strollers going in the direction towards me. This part is always packed with students from nearby Trinity College and tourists. It was such a beautiful day. A lot of people got very sunburned as it’s not that often that the sun is inclined to be a friend to us as a country. Aside from yesterday, it was the first touch of summer weather that visited us. So people are beside themselves and want to get a tan in a hurry. The battery wore down on the simple little camera, so I didn’t get any more footage. However, this is a sample of Dublin on a sunny Thursday late May afternoon. I’m glad to have got this bit of film. I’ll definitely get some film with people in it next time. because it would be apt for historical purposes.


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