More views in my midst.

The Porcelain dolls are usually left on the window. The sun was shining through thus causing the snap taken by me to consequently blur, so I placed them here instead. I’ve had so many collections of suchlike dolls in the past, but as I said before they went missing one way or the other so I’ve now dispensed with getting them. When I see some ones or in pristine condition, I’m partial to not overlooking them. The one with the spectacles look very studious indeed. The doll in beige also has a pair draped down  along with the crystal beads. I love really old crystal beads. I have a pair in safe-keeping that my mother gave me, that she wore on her wedding day. I know that the little doll in the lemon flamingo dress in Spanish, but don’t know where the next one comes from. I think it might be Andalusian. I thought it might have been Peruvian, because of the colorful material, but, I think they are too bright for that country.

I walked down the road and just into the right is a neat little flower-bed with new perennials just planted.

There I spotted some lovely early yellow wild roses growing on some overlapping branches. I knew that they would make a pretty picture against the backdrop of the deep blue sky. I did not notice that there were so many young buds on the branches, as the sun was shining so brightly.

The next thing I heard was the twittering of birds. I got a photo of one. It’s hard to see it because it’s very well camouflaged. It’s in the centre almost where the sky is peeping through. I don’t know the name of the tree, but it kind of reminds me of one that my uncle in Knock had in his award winning garden lawns. I’m not exactly sure. I’ll watch out to see if the leaves get darker and more brown. There are yellow buds growing on these? Isn’t nature just marvellous in the way that it uses colour to complement each other. There is even yellow in the bird that’s hanging out on these branches.


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