Views in my midst

It’s another absolutely glorious day. I feel like going around Donnybrook to capture some nice pictures. It’s a very scenic area.

Well, here’s Mo for starters. She’s lying very pretty there indeed. Her smile is infectious.

I went out the front door and took this view. It’s very sedate and peaceful.

I purchased the Marigold the other day at a garden flower sale. The free Edelweiss plant came in the post from a Swiss tourist company in Britain. Am hoping that both displayed on balcony here will thrive. Everybody in the area seems to be just mad into flowers, so the frenzy has rubbed off on moi. I couldn’t resist the Trinidadian girl with the melon that I picked up from St. Vincent de Paul charity shop near Whitefriar St. a while ago. She reminded me of the very first pen-pal I had as a young teenager. I had secretly written to the girl after discovering a request for one in the Messenger RC monthly magazine.

The robin watching over the eggs candle looks altogether very effective on the balcony sill. I wonder will real live birds take any notice. There are a lot of tiny yellow breasted birds momentarily everywhere in my midst. Not least the magpies who dominate the area. In fact some of them have a nest outside on the nearest trees.

I had a poster of the girl with the dove over my cubicle bed for years when I lived in Medway St.. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this very amateur painting in the cancer charity shop in Camden St. approximately five years ago. I know it’s not the real thing, but the fact that some person sat down and put so much tender care into the painting it was more than good enough for me to enjoy. Notwithstanding the support to an extremely worthwhile cause. It brought back floods of memories of the past and the simplicity of the life I had in all manner of speaking in London.


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