Paddington bear and Mo, etc

It has been an absolutely glorious day. The sun is beaming through one particular spot in the room just right now. So I thought to snatch an opportunistic snap whilst in the moment. It’s almost seven in the evening and the sun always shines in this particular room. I just love the brightness of the flat. Every room has natural light. It’s very therapeutic. I bought Paddington bear in the cancer charity shop in Camden St. a long time ago. Who would walk away from him with a label such as the one he’s wearing? Asking – would the prospective owner care to look after him? They put adverts in papers asking for people to come and look after children such as us from Goldenbridge. Paddington bears were very popular when I lived in London in the eighties. I don’t know if this is a look-alike or the real McCoy? He’s dressed in the fashion of him, anyway. Did not Paddington bear wear a yellow mackintosh raincoat? I must go in search of details on the infamous British bear. Oops, I’ve just spotted another fella with a red cap. See: post below. The rag-doll, Mo is also from a charity shop. She blends in fully with the patchwork pillows. Nay, he’s definitely an imitation. I’ve gone and googled, the genuine Paddington bear was more hairy and carries a suitcase.

I think photographs are very helpful in aiding one to jot down stuff – which is important for people who are trying to improve literacy skills. It just does not come easy at all. Phrasing sentences can be so difficult, and as for punctuation, I won’t even go there. I never know when I’ve made the correct pauses to insert comma’s, and have the propensity to put them everywhere – just like Jane Austen who has them plonked everywhere in her writings, except hers are in the correct places. My thoughts are meandering now and I do become incoherent at these times. So will sign off.

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