Happy Mother’s Day: All Survivors of Industrial *Schools*

Lot: 109. Italian Cloth Character Swiss Boy by Lenci with Superb Costume. 

17″ (43 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, brown side-glancing eyes, grey eye-shadow, curly brown lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with coral-shaded lower lip accented by two dots, short blonde curly hair, jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Lenci Made in Italy 300/64 (original paper label). Comments: Lenci, circa 1930. Value Points: exceptionally fresh and vibrant original costume of young Swiss boy with fitted felt beanie, knitted leggings, cobbled leather shoes,jacket, short brown pants, shirt, and carrying a basket of felt flowers. Realised price: 5,500. H/t index.cfm

I was looking for a ‘burebuebli’ to match Swiss maiden in last post and just look what I landed upon, instead. This absolutely amazing Swiss antique doll, that sold for a whopping 5,500. It must be dollars? I’ve more than a weakness for collectors dolls’ in general and this one is no exception. It’s so adorable. I once looked after a real life Swiss boy, well I shan’t veer off the topic of his lad here. Take a look at the intensity of those sideward slanting brown eyes. He looks so contemplated in deep thought. He must be thinking about all the hard walking he did up those Swiss mountains in collecting those fine flowers for his dear mother. Which reminds me, now that I’m on the topic of flowers and mothers. I would like to wish a happy belated Mothers Day to all survivors of industrial *schools*. You all played mother-roles to countless children in your respective institutions when you too were mere children. if anyone knows anything about the role of caring for children, you are definitely the most adept characters.


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