Dr. Garret Fitzgerald: Ex FG Taoiseach 1st Anniversary Remembrance 21/5/11

I came upon these gorgeous wild flowers. It was last May when I was en-route to the funeral mass of former taoiseach, Dr. Garret Fitzgerald. It was held at the Sacred Heart church, Donnybrook. The wild flowers were gayly fluttering and dancing in the even wilder Eglinton Rd. breeze. It resultantly saw them intermittently touching on the nicely designed, metallic painted, black iron gates at an equally beautiful house. They instantaneously attracted my attention. As it was still the month of May. Flowers in general on trees were/are not so much in abundance. So these ones really stood out. I just had to stand still and gaze at their bouncing beauty. So fresh. So pretty in colour. So full of life. So full of hope. So vibrant and joyous. In fact – I liked them so much that despite being a trifle late for the memorial mass I decided to cease the aesthetic moment and take this very humble video footage with my small simple Kodak camera. I was hoping the hedge owner wouldn’t come out and scold me for not asking prior permission. That thankfully didn’t occur. I remember feeling at the time that here was such exquisite life bouncing up and down before me, whilst analogously another that too had eagerly bounced and fluttered to great political heights had suddenly blown and fluttered away to the eternal skies. Now… one year on; I dedicate these once delicious wild flowers to the memory of the very highly respected and learned ex Fine-Gael leader of our country.

Dr. Garret Fitzgerald Former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) at Mansion House. Final Farewell, 21/05/11

This amateur video footage of the departure of Dr. Garret Fitzgerald from the Mansion House to the Sacred Heart Church, Donnybrook, on Saturday 21/05/11 is very poignant. I feel so proud to have been a part of the well-wishers, who gave him a simple, genuine, heartfelt send-off. His genius will be certainly missed. An estimated 20,000 people signed the condolences book and saw the repose of the former taoiseach. There will be a state funeral tomorrow. My sincere condolences is wished to the remaining family. His loving presence in their lives will certainly leave a huge void. I thoroughly enjoyed the recent RTE radio conversation of his God-daughter, who regaled so wonderfully about the French budgetary-conscious God-father he was indeed. He shall be missed by Irish society. It’s such a pity that he never got to see Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on their phenomenally successful visit to Ireland on 17th May, 2011.

Dr. Garret Fitzgerald Former Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Mansion House, Dublin 21/05/11

Crowds of well-wishers gathered outside the Mansion House, Dublin on Sat, 21/05/11, to bid their last farewell to one political giant in IrIsh history. He will be remembered for his warm patriarchal old fashioned social democratic ways towards young and old alike from all strata of society. He had an extraordinary way of looking at things. His motto: Stand back and look at situations from all angles. He was for all inclusiveness. Turned adversity around. Engaged in a modern Ireland, long after he left politics. He had such a liberal drive. He pursued matters with a fierce energy. Reforming the tax structure was something he hammered away at, trying desperately to quantify things. He was all for separation of church. Pat Cox says: he was the youngest oldest person he ever met. If you put Garret in a public square he would draw everyone’s attention with his profound knowledge. His inner nature came across at every level. He was such a kind-hearted man who was passionate about people. He was terribly concerned about the corruption in Irish politics. He was not shy about offering his opinions when asked by people who particularly sought him out. Manual of European history in hand and his French linguistic skills, he was a hugely respected person and well-sought after by all in high places for his profound knowledge. Goodbye Garret!


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