Mute Swans-Mallards-Sea-gulls Portobello Dublin 2011

I frequent Portobello Grand Canal on a regular basis, as I thoroughly enjoy observing particularly the Mute swans and mallards, as they bask on the bank or frolic and glide gracefully in the water. It was not unsurprising during my last sojourn to see such few swans there. I could count them on one hand. They must have all flown off to foreign lands; or, as someone said to me upon enquiry, “perhaps they’ve been shifted to Stephen’s Green?” I hope it’s the former, and if, so, that they safely reached their destination?! I never tire of taking photos of these birds and have accumulated rather a large amount. it’s so fascinating to watch the elegant ways they move and the ritual dance movements they make with their necks, when in close proximity of each other. I also like the dignified space they give each other, they don’t impinge upon one another unlike, sometimes we homo-sapiens. Commentary from 2011.


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