Survivors’ Floral Tribute

Some while ago I was going to ask Sinead O’Connor if I could use a photo of an early-grown rose in her garden that she had put up on twitter. I thought it was very pretty. I wanted to wish survivors of industrial *schools* and clerical abuse survivors a happy Easter, or whatever it was that they celebrate at that time of year. I thought the rose was so ideal. I’d mislaid my USB camera connection so could not put up one of a personal nature, and thought that Sinead, who is sympathetic to survivors of institutional child abuse, clerical abuse survivors and Magdalen laundry survivors wouldn’t object if I’d first asked her permission. However, after commenting on her pretty garden rose, that simultaneously arrived in my twitter account for some mysterious reason, both my comment and her photo just vanished off the face of twitter. To my chagrin I then discovered that I was blocked from Sinead’s twitter account that she’d specifically set up for the young American lad Trayvon Martin who’d been killed in a tragic incident. I felt very hurt, as I knew Sinead had followed a lot of survivors, though, not me – but then that is nothing new to me. I’m not exactly popular. I finally put it down to a post I’d done on Father Tony Flannery. I can only surmise of course, as I’ve not got any solid proof. The timing, though seemed coincidental, notwithstanding the onset of the recent controversy. Anyway, I’m only a stranger to Sinead at the end of the day. She’s entitled to do whatever she wishes.

So in light of present medical circumstances pertaining to Sinead, I would like to dedicate these simple, humble flowers to her, Trayvon Martin, Father Tony Flannery, Magdalen Laundry survivors; clerical abuse survivors; and last but not least survivors of industrial *schools* and Goldenbridge inmates. Photo taken by me early summer 2012.


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