Doll’s Hospital Dublin Departure.

There was such an outcry when the Doll’s Hospital in George’s St. closed its doors for the last time in February 2012. Well-wishers such as myself and others flocked from far and wide to buy last minute purchases to keep as mementos of a shop that has been in existence since the thirties and run by the Nolan’s for nigh on thirty years. People were very saddened to see its doors close. It was a Dublin institution. The shop was packed to the rafters with enthusiastic doll/teddy lovers. The staff were rushed off their feet from the first instant the news of its closure went into the public domain. Brenda Donoghue from the Mooney Show spent a whole day in the shop interviewing owner and customers alike.

I took lovely photos of some delightful gargantuan teddies and dolls in dining mode that were in shop window display. Alas, I knew that all too-soon they would be just a passing memory. I always loved looking at the interesting assortment of dolls and teddies in the window displays whenever I was in George’s St., which was quite a lot – given that the 16/16a bus-stop was nearby, which took me to my Rathmines/Rathgar abode.

Read more here at the Irish Times.


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