Room with a view

This photo was taken the other day. It’s a view from where I sit at the laptop table that looks out on to my balcony. It’s so close up. These are my curtains. They completely shelter me in their blossomy cloak. Who would want to close off windows with such a sight? Not I for sure! It’s so secluded. I love looking at young magpies who seem to belong around here, as they’re constantly perched contentedly in the trees as well as perpetually hopping on to the balcony-sill. I love looking at them as they dip their beaks in the flowers and hop with glee and hide and get lost far-deep into the pink blossomed trees. It’s such a magical view. As I survey them right now, the delicate branches are dancing in the gentle breeze and the white flowers are lightly dropping off like snow and falling on to the grass below and making a blanket of white leaves.

Every time I go to grab the camera, the young magpies fly off in a flash. I don’t know if it’s right to give them food at this time of year – seeing that it’s plentiful? Thus far I’ve been reluctant to do so, as I think it would interfere with their normal eating habits that nature intended? It was not so very long ago that the trees were completely bare and I could see the full length of the road. Suddenly green leaves appeared and not long after that they turned to a deep heavenly cerise colour.

I really like this daffodil photo that was taken in the communal garden. The flowers are an absolute credit to the gardner who voluntary spends time planting them everywhere.

Here are some beautiful perennials from the garden

I managed to get a photo of a magpie when the garden was mowed a few weeks ago. I was talking to a lovely woman this morning, who has just returned from three months visitation of daughter in London. She has lived in the area for nearly thirty years. She said that she’d noticed a huge decline in sparrows and other small birds around since the arrival of cats. There are cats everywhere. I spotted one drinking from a puddle of water on the steps. I’m not complaining. They seem perfectly happy and contented to sit on window-sills and be nurtured by some residents. I love cats. They also like to settle in amongst the new luscious growth or up against the trees. They create a serene-like image when they are resting there with their bodies outstretched and with not a care in the world.  The cats may have got rid of the wee birds, but it appears that the magpies are not going anywhere. They’re made of sterner stuff. Oops, isn’t it one for sorrow? Well, that’s if you believe all that superstition.

Again – I took this photo a few weeks ago. Alas, I just looked outdoors and saw that all the daffodils have disappeared, not to be seen for another year.

It won’t be very long till my room with a view such as this one will be in existence for another year. So until then, I shall cherish it. It’s a nice feeling knowing that one can simply lay out a hand and touch nature without having to go out and venture to find same.

Two for joy! I captured this photo outside the front-door just a while back, as you can see the trees are very bare. The magpies I think, were in breeding season, as there are a lot of smaller-sized birds to be seen everywhere in my midst.

A room with a view such as this can only be positive for the spirit.


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