Mute Swans Emmet Bridge, Harold’s Cross, Dublin March 2011

This amateur video of Mute swans and humble pigeons was taken on Wednesday the last day of March 2011, at Emmet Bridge off Harold’s Cross Rd. Dublin Ireland. It was a very cold breezy afternoon and the small Kodak 12MP EasyShare C182 was shaking in my hands. The swans and cygnets were doubtless in fine fettle and some of the latter were even practicing much needed flying skills in the centre of the grand canal. So Adorably joyous and uplifting to observe.

Some well intentioned passerby strollers were enthusiastically throwing loaves of white bread at them when suddenly scavenger pigeons and overhead seagulls appeared out of nowhere and landed on the bread-laden scene. People should be publicly alerted to the fact that white bread is not good for the swans digestion tracts. I do wish as well that some strollers who frequent the canal do not let their dogs or children up too close to swans who are resting on the bank; as this kind of behaviour totally upsets the equilibrium of the swans. I witnessed a man repeatedly swinging a year old child to and fro at the swans,; the swans were scared out of their wits and the laughing man thought it was the best of fun for the child. The child’s enjoyment at the expense of the swans was the motto of the father? Another young stroller did not bother that her wee Jack Russell, by the way, on a lead, was right on top of the swans and barking away at them like mad, almost as if the swans were mere nonentities. It’s okay to love your own pets and children and have obligations towards them, but not so with mere stranger swans in the canal. Another thing that frightens the swans is gangs of screaming teenagers. There is also indiscriminate dumping of large black rubbish bags; it is an absolute eyesore and a disgrace to the environment. I don’t mean to rant here but these are the not so nice observations that I’ve come across whilst visiting the swans.

Some weeks ago sixteen Mute swans from adjoining Portobello Bridge mysteriously died, it was speculated in the media that it may have been from botulism; the jury is still out on this one. After a fleeting glance, yesterday, I was thus thrilled to see swans back there again. I always go to Emmet Bridge to visit the swans as they are far more accessible there than from Portobello Bridge. It has to do with the lay out of the grand canal.
I won’t be long before the swans will travel to the other end of the earth. I shall miss them dreadfully when they go as i’ve so enjoyed watching them over these past few months and seeing how they interact with each other. Enjoy!


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