Einsiedeln Switzerland

I don’t ever remember visiting the Benedictine Abbey during the eighties when I last holidayed with Elsa-Irene’s mother (since departed) in Schwyz, Switzerland. I think there was mention of visiting it – but the weather I think was too inclement at the time. Snow and more snow blanketed the whole area. I remember seeing some photos of me with a bunch of skiers going up on a ski-lift. There was another one of me knee-deep in snow. So perhaps that could have been the reason for not visiting the famous abbey.

The Benedictine Einsiedeln Abbey is considered one of the most important Roman Catholic pilgrimage sites in Europe. Since the Middle Ages, the Graces Chapel and a statue of the Black Madonna have been the centre-piece of the pilgrimage [Wikipedia].

I remember hearing about the pope going to visit Einsiedeln? I think there were even postcards printed of the Black Madonna to honour the occasion, but it apparently never transpired. I shall google to find out the proper story as this is just a passing personal memory.

Einsiedeln is known not only as a tourist destination for all year round sports activities, and ski areas, but also because of its Monastery.

This view is to die for. It is wonderful to visit cities, but it is so lovely to “head for the hills” anywhere, and in particular when it is in Switzerland.


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