Goldenbridge Map.

The white strip is the villa where visitors and social workers in later years used to frequent. A staff member stood at the door with arms folded looking on whilst children and visitors sat at the tables and talked and were given parcels, just like one sees in prison films. I never had any reason to go there as I never had visitors. However, I do recall sneaking in after visiting hours were up to pick up left over biscuits, orange and banana peels, and if I was lucky a sweet or two.

The red strip is the school the children from the Industrial *school* use to go to. Again – the school was built and in its very early stages when I was on the verge of leaving. I remember, though, going to cookery-classes there.

The blue is part of where St Vincent’s industrial *school* once stood, but it looks like a wall, but, if you stood close to it, you would see the big arch windows bricked up. It was inside here that children in my day went to school. Within those claustrophobic bricked walls stood St. Patrick’s class-room were all the children were lined up to be flogged to bits by the head-honcho. and St. Philomena’s classroom lay next to it.

And where the Green strip is showing is Goldenbridge Convent where the nuns use to live.


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