Ryan Report. Christine Buckley-West. Commission to inquire into institutional child abuse 2009.

A survivor of child institutional abuse tells her shocking, heart-breaking story. An Irish hero, courageous and strong, Christine Buckley was one of the first inmates to break her story and is an active campaigner for justice. Christine attended Goldenbridge industrial *school* and is now director of the Aislinn education and support centre at Jervis House in Dublin.

I’m wondering whether the average age of 8, that Christine talks about, regarding Justice Ryan’s commission to inquire into institutional child abuse report, concerns only those who went before said commission? Or, is, the average figure pertaining to the 165,000 who entered these hell-holes per se? I must find out…

Very sad seeing Mary Raftery R.I.P. on the Vincent Browne Show.

Yes, you are so god-darn right, when you say “the public cannot stomach stuff of this ilk for too long”.

The same nun at Goldenbridge whom Christine talks about, refused to tell twins for nigh on fifty years anything about their family background, despite being friends with two of their aunts who were in the same order. It meant that the twins were deprived of knowing who their mother was, as they went into Goldenbridge at the ripe old age of three years old. The nun was forced to relinquish the information to Bernadette Fahy, when the Goldenbridge controvery arose in 1996. One of the twins had been taken out of Goldenbridge by the same nun when she was moved and brought to work in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow. She was 13 years of age. The other twin was never given any info about her sister and fretted something terrible when she suddenly disappeared. It was only, per chance, when the sister who was left behind in GB went on the annual holiday to the summer home in Rathdrum, that she accidentally bumped into her sister in the town. There were tearful reunification scenes. They both finally landed in Rathdrum where they remained throughout their lives.

Ironically, it rather makes sense as to why the nun that Christine talks about in the video attended the weddings of the sisters. She knew something that they didn’t know of course.. By rights too, it should have been the two aunts who attended the twins’ weddings. it should not have been the reserve of the head honcho of Rathdrum. The laughable thing too is that the photo of the nun at one of the weddings was used by the religious to point out how much in touch they were with past *residents*. That was when the media got hold of it at the height of the controversy. The hyporicy was so typical. Joe Public was not to know the raison d’être as to why the nun attended the wedding. Hoodwinking was always the name of the game the religious played on the vulnerabilities of the identities of children in Goldenbridge.

Thankfully the twins were finally reunited with their mother. They looked after her very well and spoiled her rotten.

How that nun can sleep in her bed at night knowing that she put the church before the rights of children to know who their parents were, I just don’t know. The church protected itself and its good image to the last and made innocent children suffer dreadfully as a consequence.

Not only were they on one hand calling the mothers of some children prostitutes, they were on the other hand depriving some other children of any knowledge of their mothers, as in their eyes they too were fallen women and on a par with prostitutes, only they were the ones that one dare never to speak about, not even after fifty years, if they could get away with it. That nun had probably expected to go to her grave never having to divulge the identity of the twins mother and aunts. The church must come first at all costs.

Well, I too, was told by the religious that my mother was dead. The nuns kept my background secret as well. They also whispered about it to others.

The nuns constantly reminded the children of their lowly status. I used to pity those who had a parent in a mental hospital, as they really got stick for it. One family in particular were called the crackawley’s.

I was just listening to Vincent Browne near the end of part 1 of the video asking Christine if she would give personal details of the nun that she was talking about. His aim was to contact her in the aftermath, and invite her on the programme. Well, methinks that was VB covering himself. It’s obvious from where I’m standing, anyway, and also given past history, as well as having to produce a balanced view, he would have to be seen to be playing by the rules. Irrespective of his own personal views, which have always been pro-survivors. I would gather that he wasn’t expecting Christine to go off on a tangent regarding the commission to inquire into institutional child abuse. Well, not really a tangent, but I would expect that he was looking for an overall general response to the commission’s report, as opposed to a personal response from a Goldenbridge perspective.

There was also a controversy before with respect of the nun that she was talking about and RTE 1 and a programme Christine did – which did not go down too well. It would be a given that Christine would use every golden media moment to point out the failings of Goldenbridge and crucial aspects that were not covered properly in the Ryan Report.

I’m totally with Christine in all that she says about the starvation and eating from the rabbits hutches. The few animals there were better fed than the children. Yeah, the babies too were strapped on their potties for very long durations, they were fed from their potties and they slept on their potties. Let me out of here quickly before I scream. It’s too nightmarish to contemplate.


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