Curry’s, Cloondace, Knock South, Co Mayo

Residents of a house 15 in Cloondace (Knock South, Mayo)

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Curry Bridget 70 Female Head of Family Roman Catholic
Curry Rose 44 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Curry Martin 37 Male Son Roman Catholic
Curry Martin 8 Male Grand Son Roman Catholic

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Household Return (Form A)
Additional Pages: 2

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Enumerator’s abstract (Form N)
Additional Pages: 2
House and Building Return (Form B1)
Additional Pages: 2
Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return (Form B2)
Additional Pages: 2
The 8 year old grandson, Martin, mentioned in the census above was sadly one of the three siblings of Rose (only survivor( who tragically died in the fire at the old farm homestead at Cloondace.

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