Flowers for Magdalen(e)s

I was sorry to have have missed this special day that was celebrated on Women’s International Day for Magdalen Laundry survivors.

Our deep thanks to TD Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin, in sponsoring ‘Flowers for Magdalenes’ on Sunday, 4th March. Mary Lou was accompanied by Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan, Susan Lohan, chair of Adoption Rights Alliance and a crowd of supporters representing ACCAI, adopted people and family and friends of former Magdalenes. Thanks as well to our own Professor James Smith, along with Rachel Doyle (National Womens Council of Ireland), playwright/poet Patricia Burke Brogan and others, who held a ceremony at the Bohermore Cemetery in Galway. These two solemn ceremonies recognised all women who suffered in Magdalene Laundries, but most especially those who passed, largely unremembered by the public/history. It was agreed at Glasnevin to hold this as an annual event on the first Sunday in March.


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