O Madonna by Peter Reynosa.

As I was viewing The Fairies by William Allingham. See: last post here. I spotted this very unusual modern day literary poem nestled amongst the other videos in the batch, that one could also view besides one’s chosen one, at a later stage. It is done in an olde-worlde English style and is dedicated to an iconoclastic modern day rock singer, Madonna. I decided to put it here as the writing was too hard to read in the other tiny video. Besides I wanted to find out more.

I thus googled and discovered the following article by blackhorse10 at Fresno Famous dated 020212. In it s/he states that Peter Reynosa, who is a former graduate of Fresno State, has written a poem about Madonna in a traditonal style that attempts to do what no others have done; make a poem worthy of intellectual discussion about Madonna. Interesting and it could be a very lucrative and innovative idea. Good luck Peter Reynosa!

blackhorse10 @ FF continues…

The poem is written in 19th century style English Romanticism, even though Reynosa says it is not a Romantic poem. It is written with a lot of Old English words, but it deals with many contemporary issues. Actually, the poem is made up of four stanzas: the first stanza talks about her attacking tradition, the second stanzas mentions how she is the embodiment of feminism, the third stanza discusses her sexuality, and the fourth stanza praises her for her religious veiws and her msyticism. When asked why he chose to write a traditonal-style poem about Madonna, Reynosa responded: “I thought she was worthy of being in a great poem. And I love the traditional style of creating a poem. But even though it is written like a poem that was penned over two centuries ago it still deals with many modern issues that have confronted Madonna.” When queried what was a difficult part of writing “O Madonna”, Reynosa said: “Deciding on what to focus on. I don’t think her music or her acting or her fame is worth writing about, but I thought her going against tradition, being an icon for feminism, her sexuality, and her mystic views  were very important.” And the poem is very complimentary to Madonna, except when the poem discusses her sex life, here the poem both praises and is very critical of her.” Talking about Madonna’s sexuality was hard because I wanted to be honest. That is why I praise her for attacking Victorian hypocrisy and Puritan smugness, but am also critical of her for being a little too sexually shallow and trivial.

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One thought on “O Madonna by Peter Reynosa.

  1. There are four more of Peter Reynosa’s poems on YouTube now, written in the same style. One is a poem of admiration for Angelina Jolie, one condemns fame, another looks at how to debate about wars and the fourth talks about the horror of evolution.

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