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2006-11-28 14:31:08 Setanta

Re: From the Guestbook {2}

Would you kindly identify this person that you refer to as being a  “Lawyer “. Regards , Setanta.

#78 2006-11-28 19:38:43 Marie-Therese O’ Loughlin
Re: From the Guestbook {2}

“This unwarranted and outrageous Redress Board encourages many applicants to lie, Thousands of euro of public money has been awarded in secret to lying unscrupulous applicants without any fair hearing or challenge through the Board by their unsuspecting victims. SO THE LYING UNSCRUPULOUS APPLICANTS THAT YOU POST ABOUT ARE THOSE OF WHOM YOU MENTION BELOW.”. Am I correct?

“I submit that no person is safe while the Residential Institutions Redress Board continues to exist”. I AM BAFFLED HERE BY THE – ‘NO PERSON IS SAFE’. COULD YOU ELABORATE!

“I submit that it is ‘lightly’ that a very large number of claims made to the Redress Board through solicitor firms such as Michael Lanigan & Sons Co. Kilkenny; and Paul W. Tracey Solicitors, 24, Marlborough Street, Dublin; and Jane Flannery B.B.L.S; and Sharon Tracey Practice Manager; and many, many more are unsafe and incredible. I would say that if it were possible to investigate these applications to the Redress Board, as many as 90% would prove to have been entirely false.”

“These” applicants. I made a mistake and read it as “the” as opposed to “these” It was also taken out of context precisely because of  this I will correct error. My humble apology to you!

“And many, many more are unsafe”who are you implicating here?


“I wish to state that for anyone to say, or imply that my ‘pen name’, or otherwise, has anything to do with Satan, is unwarranted, misleading, sinister, and incorrect. It is nothing more than a reflection on their ignorance, and utter contempt for their neighbours right to
Liberty and freedom of speech”

Setanta, you do not have the monopoly on “free speech”- another can express ‘their take’ on your very interesting pseudonym, afterall “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I SAW IT AS A VERY BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACTER, and another saw it as ‘devilish’ by virtue of it being partially an anagram’one woman’s medicine so another man’s poisin’. People who grew up in institutions are very hypervigilant individuals. t is known that they would have had the natural abilitities to become fine forensic DETECTIVES and BARRISTERS as they invariably always scan their environment.

Taiigh/Dia i dtigh diabhail!. May the devil/God take you with them! Death walks behind us surely, and Heaven/Hell waits ahead – the choice is ours. I have personally lived my hell so I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS AROUND THE CORNER. DO NOT LET THE RESIDENTIAL INSTITUTIONS REDRESS BOARD RULE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

“I have never been angry with myself, or with anyone connected with this dreadful Sex Abuse Scandal”I BEG TO DIFFER WITH YOU ON THIS, ONE ONLY HAS TO READ THE FOLLOWING

“But rest assured, I will pursue  those miserable people who have destroyed my life, and others known to me, until they are exposed, and brought to justice.”

“These unscrupulous, lying individuals are part of the Victims/Survivors of Institutional abuse. They are unfairly protected by their Secrecy, Garda Secrecy, Solicitor Secrecy, Barrister Secrecy, Judicial Secrecy, Health Board Secrecy, Incompetent Social Workers, their Managers, and the very Corrupt and Vile and Blatantly Biased and Secretive Residential Institutions Redress Board.”

“There will be no peace while these miserable people continue to destroy Innocent Men, Women and Children.”

IF THE ABOVE PARAGRAPHS/LINES ARE NOT ANGER – FILLED, YOU THUS HAVE ME FLUMMOXED as it oozes of it by the bucket – load from my reading of same. But that is your entitlement, at the end of the day  – I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY.


Section 11(12) of the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002 states: “The making of an award to an applicant, notwithstanding a conflict between the evidence given by the applicant and a relevant person, shall not constitute a finding of fact relating to fault or negligence on the part of the relevant person.” There is no question of any individual being found guilty or responsible for an act of abuse and there is no question of a person’s name being damaged publicly.

Allegations of child sexual abuse, that you state you have been accused of, and also the alleged evidence you have to ‘prove that it is false’ and therefore – fraudulent; which was submitted to the Residential Institutions Redress Board; does not stand for anything from my understanding; If one reads the above section 11 {12} of the RIRB ACT, it quite categorically states its position!

It is of course possible that where a system exists that it might be criminally defrauded. Unscrupulous individuals might indeed attempt to perpetrate such fraud. However, there is no evidence to date to say that such fraud has been perpetrated.
with the same token
Indeed, it would appear that the system built into the RIRB is working well. Of the 5, 111 applications received at the end of 2004, one case so far has been referred to An Garda Saoichana (Irish Police) for investigation. As a result of that investigation no further action was taken. See – (RIRB Annual Report, 2004). I have not checked the latest report. Marie-Therese O’ Loughlin.

Reports any evidence of fraudulent claims should made to the relevant authorities.

Disclose details of alleged fraud to the Garda so that the alleged crime can be properly investigated so that those you allege are held responsible will be prosecuted. It is the responsibility of every citizen of this State to report information or evidence of any crime to the Garda. You must live up to your responsibility that you so strongly feel about, and hand over any evidence of any alleged criminal offence without further delay
From an English victim/survivor of institutional abuse.

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#79 2006-11-28 21:17:18 Setanta
 Re: From the Guestbook {2}

The Redress Board System encourages Unscrupulous Applicants, and their Legal Council to Lie, and make False Statements and present them for redress.

The Board is Biased in favour of its applicants, and Biased against the persons named by any applicant.

Furthermore, the named subject of the allegation, who is not tried by the Board,and not found guilty of the alleged crimes,has to suffer the stigmatizing of his/her good character, and all the fallout from being wrongfully labeled a child abuser as a result of being falsely accused at the Redress Board.

I submit that It is wrongful for the Residential Institutions Redress Board to imply that an innocent person, to be  preceived by them, and the Irish State, as being  guilty of the most heinous crimes, and compensate their applicants for their false allegation.

The applicant,and the applicants Legal Council, and the Board combine to cause destruction, and a life of misery  that falsely accused innocent person, without any due reason, and without any fair trial.

Unfounded and Untruthful allegations in sworn statement have been made by Lying and Unscrupulous applicants to the Board,and Innocent Men. Women, and Children have suffered terrible trauma because of this.

“And many,many more are unsafe”.
I refer to statements that I have seen, and same presented to the Redress Board for redress.

I am implicating all those who have Lied, and made false statements in connection with their allegations of Child Sexual,Physical and Mental abuse,and aided and abetted by  Corrupt and Incompetent Gardai, and Corrupt Solicitors, Barristers and the very corrupt Residential Institutions Redress Board in Dublin.Ireland.
Regards  Setanta.

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