Dated: 13/9/2006 17:35:2

I made a complimentary comment regarding Michael E. Hanahoe Solicitors, Sunlight Chambers, 21, Parliament St, Dublin 2. As of yet, it hasn’t been posted on your sister site – Hypothetically – could it be possible that it wasn’t deemed eligible because it may have been seen as a form of advertising?

From: a satisfied client who got carried away with giving a positive description of building as well as that of the firm. Marie-Therese O’Loughlin

It’s altogether more than coincidental to say the least that as soon as I queried the fact of a ‘positive’ posting of the 6th Sept, 2006 and the reason that I surmised, behind its omission, then – hey presto!. 2 ‘avoids’ suddenly appeared leaving me in no doubt that the latter has come from none other than the owner’s source. As prior to that… in fact, only seconds before last posting, I had scrolled through  and Michael E. Hanahoe Solicitors firm wasn’t even listed.
From a doubting Thomasina.

I note specifically the date, 1st Sept 2006 with avoid marking on the reputable firm of Michael E. Hanahoe Solicitors, Sunlight House, 21, Parliament St. Dublin 2. For the life and good name of Hanahoes I simply can’t make the equation. As approximately, 1 hour ago, see comment below I was seeking to know why in Hanahoes name you hadn’t entertained this highly respectable, indeed one of the most hugely regarded and sought after firms on

All comments are ‘moderated’ you specify. To whose satisfaction are they in the final analysis, given credence before posting, is the question? For example, gives guidelines to help posters with ‘avoid’ ratings, but doesn’t give any aid in the clarification of ‘average or ‘good’ ratings. Why the differentiation? In butterfly parlance the antennae are used for sense of balance. My interpretation of moderator is: having elements or qualities mixed in proper proportion

Victims and survivors of institutional abuse have legal firms such as Michael E. Hanahoe Solicitors, Sunlight Chambers, 21, Parliament St, Dublin 2 to thank for pressurising the Government into setting up the Residential Institutions Redress Board. Some of the dedicated staff prior to its inception worked literally 24/7/365 days to get preparation work done, without ever knowing the outcome might have been. Inmates of the industrial schools and reformatories are eternally indebted to the firm because it took a courageous stand.

I would like to stipulate quite emphatically that I’m not an employee of: Michael E. Hanahoe Solicitors, Sunlight Chambers, 21, Parliament St. Dublin 2. There is no hidden agenda. I hold this very respectable law practice in the highest esteem. It was at the coalface of the introduction of the Commission to Inquire into Institutional Child Abuse. The firm firmly believed in the victims and survivors cause and it has stood by them to the very last. They are as a result much appreciative.

If one looks studiously at the genre of the ‘avoids’ postings in the Hall of Shame at, one will see that same are characteristically repetitious. The continual similar technique-stands out a mile. Is there a contrivance, a ruse, or is it merely an illicit manouvreability on the part of the moderator to hoodwink gullible viewers? Intriguingly mysterious suffice it to say. From a curious, M. E. Hanahoe Solicitors. satisfied client, not, as was intimated, a customer!

Due to the fact that this is a writing practice journal blog and also because of the volatile life of I’ve decided to place past postings here.

I was sorry not to see the site up and running and made enquiries about it, and was lucky in getting the new link, which has now afforded me the opportunity to put archival material here.


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