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2006-11-21 18:52:36 fairplay Member Re: From the Guestbook {2}

As a practising solicitor now retired I think forums like this are good. Editors who allow rubbish up on the screen are maybe not so good. A total victim pampering website. Of course solicitor practices are businesses and none are trained in psychiatry. If you want consolation a half hour with an appropriate medical practitioner is your best bet providing you are willing to pay the fee, or do the wingeing commentators want that for free too.

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Marie-Therese O’ Loughlin Member Re: From the Guestbook {2}

Fairplay, You state you are a practising solicitor, then you follow on by stating that you are retired, which is it?. I also agree that forums like this are good, almost therapeutic!. I would also agree that moderators who allow ‘rubbish’ on this forum are not so good. Nonetheless, that is how one perceives ‘rubbish’ to be in the first place as one man’s/woman’s garbage can be another man’s/woman’s treasure!.OCD sufferers are notable hoarders and scatterbrains who somehow, always seem to have the knack of dumping their psychological ‘rubbish’ on any daft scavenger willing to take it. WELL! WELL! WELL!. “A TOTAL VICTIM PAMPERING WEBSITE” – if that is the case who needs the renowned Professor Anthony Clare of this Island IN HIS SWIVELLING CHAIR when RYS FORUM CAN rejuvenate and pamper one automatically with the instantaneous touch of a cyber-wave button!. Sure, are not all psychiatrists couches used for expressing oneself in that format, good for ‘self regulation’ I would surmise!. And considering all the nonsense one has to put up with from every angle of life these days – there is most certainly nothing wrong with that. Therapy! Therapy! Therapy! is okay. American ways, albeit, have been foisted upon us – with all this new found wealth – and the Irish psyche has to keep up with all this modernity, otherwise it will virtually perish. We must all look the Celtic Tiger in the eye and embrace it together if we are to survive instead of snarling at it, and others – of whom we deem inferior – and showing ungraciously in the process, our fangs, because we want to grab it for ourselves. Me-Feiners incarnate, self-protectionists and begrudgers were a part of our insular, parochial and isolationist naive attitudes of the past and these negativite, insecure norms invariably did not work. United we stand – divided we fall apart – and become forever embroiled in the BLAME GAME. ONE SECTION OF SOCIETY MUST NEVER HAVE THE MONOPOLY ON ALL THINGS PERTAINING TO HEALTH, WEALTH AND EDUCATION OF IRISH SOCIETY AS IT ONLY LEADS TO DIVISION, PAIN AND STRIFE. WHY DO SOLICITORS ALWAYS HAVE TO REMIND ONE THAT THEY ARE PRIMARILY ‘A BUSINESS?’ INDEED, THAT IS THE CASE, BUT, THEY ARE ALSO IN A FRAGILE POSITION OF HAVING TO HANDLE THE EMOTIONALITY OF CLIENTELE, IT GOES WITH THE TERRITORY. PSYCHOLOGY LESSONS, ON A DEEPER LEVEL, SHOULD BE TAUGHT AT LAW SCHOOLS. SOLICITORS EKE OUT A LUCRATIVE LIVING OFF THE BACKS OF TRAUMATISED AND GROSSLY DISTRESSED BROKEN AND VULNERABLE HUMAN BEINGS AND IF THEY ARE NOT SUFFICIENTLY TRAINED – THEY, LIKE COUNSELLORS, QUICKLY BURN OUT. ALL HELL THEN LETS LOOSE, AND IN THE FINALITY THERE ARE NO WINNERS WHERE MAYHEM AND DISSENSION ABOUNDS. ONLY ANGUISHED, SORROWFUL LOSERS!. Always remember – when someone points the finger at one there is always three pointing back!

Fairplay — why state the obvious? Jaysus, even the dogs in Kildare St./Parliament St. will tell you that solicitors are not trained in psychiatry, LET ALONE PSYCHOLOGY. Mind you, admittedly, I have to add that my solicitor is better than any trained psychiatrist in communication skills that is! To give a few examples; Michael E Hanahoe Solicitor’s firm has been for years dealing with victim’s/survivor’s of institutional abuse and has treated them extraordinarily well. There is none to compare with this firm in its handling of very traumatised, vulnerable and marginalised people – who were in the past failed miserably by society. Appropriate medical practitioners would have a lot to live up to – in my estimation to compete with the former mentioned. With the exception, that is – of Dr Michael Corry and Dr Anne Leader. They are definitely two consultant psychiatrists that I would thoroughly recommend to you – Fairplay, if you should chance to need ‘consolation’ in the aftermath of having read the scandalous, pitiable, horrendous stories from victim’s/survivor’s of abuse on this site. The choice is yours “providing you are willing to pay the fee, or do the wingeing commentators want that for free too?” In relation to the latter – in my particular situation the government provides the services free – gratis. There is nothing to whinge about in that respect from my perspective as there is no skin being taken off my nose. Gott sei dank!. .Let me add, though, something important here, that is, regarding institutional child abuse of the past it has, surely – as the day is long, caught up with the government and it is justifiably and righteously so only- mopping up, to some small degree the damage that sadly ensued. in its dreadful wake..Marie Therese O’ Loughlin.

Fairplay — I conclude with this last old adage or cliched truism as it may be in general…”there is no such thing as a free lunch!”

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