Happy “X” Time: Survivors of Goldenbridge, Artane, Daingean, Letterfrack…

I want to wish all survivors of Goldenbridge and other industrial *schools*, such as Artane, Daingean, Letterfrack  St, Joseph’s, etc., all the best, during this very emotional time of year. Doubtless, there will be many of you – like myself, who have no immediate family, or people to acknowledge you, or even invite you into their homes at this very delicate time to make you feel part of the family.

If I’m also correct… most of you without families, will probably not even get one seasonal greeting card in the post from a single sinner. (I’ve personally sent out 50 cards to people in the past, but soon thereafter got a wake-up call, when not even one solitary person reciprocated. I remember being so shocked and even cried for nigh on a whole month afterwards, because I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend the logic of the absolute non reciprocation). I couldn’t believe that so many people could ignore me. Twas unfathomable from my (dumb) perception.

Now…I know differently…that people do ignore people of our ilk…I’ve witnessed it for years.

Words such as the following:

 “because it inevitably exacerbates the all too human tendency to divide the world into “people like us” and “people like them”.

may be spewed out by those in terms of multiculturalism, but, they also pertain to us, who are also seen as outsiders. Never the Twain shall meet, neither in blogosphere land or in real life.

Survivors of industrial schools in general have the propensity to give, give, give, and become very bewildered when they are not acknowledged. They can conjure up all sorts of things in their minds, but the biggest thing is witnessing in real time the old Pavlovian trigger, as it slowly and painfully re-emerges, bringing with it, those excruciating emotional times when they were in the industrial schools, when they never got cards for any kind of celebration. The worst times – being one’s birthday, which should have been such a special occasion. People coming from normal loving families, in all likelihood, take this kind of thing for granted, and perhaps see it as part of natural family bonding structures. Not so…survivors of industrial schools.

I can feel free to express myself, as I know only too full well, that I shan’t be getting any comments from a single solitary sinner. Judging, of course, from statistics and the past nature of people pertaining to moi.

When we were in our respective institutions, we depended on the kindness of poor people mostly to take us into their humble homes during Christmas time. I often wondered in my youth, why it was that mostly the uneducated poorer classes only took an interest in child industrial *school* inmates. Why were the intellectuals, the superior classes hiding behind bushes and pretending we didn’t exist? They were almost always never to be seen, except when they were incarcerating us into our respective institutions or *feigning inspections in the guise of government inspectors.

However, now that we are on the other end of the spectrum, the world does not now view us as cuddly and nice, but rather too bothersome to invest their energies. We thus can be left at the mercy of countless charitable agencies and strangers to tide us over the highly emotional season periods.

For the record: I was never popular with the nuns as a child in Goldenbridge, because, if I had been, I would have had the most poshest people to take me out of my misery at “X” times.

Yeah…always on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Happy “X” time to all survivors of industrial *schools*!

* As has been proven at the commission to inquire into institutional child abuse.


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