Our Lives Out Loud.

I was in Barnardo’s, Rathmines charity shop just recently and picked up an amazing – personally authographed to ‘Marian’ book ‘Our Lives Out Loud’ by two extraordinary activists, Ann Louise Gilligan & Katherine Zappone. I had read about them in the media and made comments at butterfliesandwheels,org over the years about their plight for justice & equality, in a land that is highly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, where little chance of achieving success would prove very difficult.

So, other than that I was not cognisant of the powerful educational work they were doing behind the scenes in one of the most sprawling backyards of Dublin, called West Tallaght, where poor working-class people, who in the 60’s were shoved out of the inner city into the nearby Dublin mountains, with hardly any infrastructures in place at all.

For some time now we have dreamed of founding an educational centre. At the beginning of the summer we came upon the Shanty, an old cedar house in Brittas, Co, Dublin. At the back of the house is a four-car garage that we hope to convert into the this house.

Our long-term goal is to form a community of people who are committed to the work of the centre.  We hope that both the communal and educational setting will promote freedom from sexism, classism, and any kind of social inequality.

We understand this to be a spiritual as well as educational venture. We want to have a table that is open to all – for food, drink, compassion, merriment, visioning, story-telling and decision making. This is our dream.

We had found our homeplace. (p.88 ch.5)

Wow – this is a real surprise photo of Edna O’Brien & Katherine Zappone at the launch of ‘Our Lives Out Loud’.

Thank you Marian, whoever you are, as your authographed book has now gone to a good home. I shall very soon be going in search of another authograph from Edna O’Brien, if she so happens to appear at her own seven day play of The Country Girls at the Gaiety Theatre.

 40 Years of Change Irish Times article and video footage are very interesting.

Unfortunately for K’AL change is not going to happen fast enough, according to the latest Statement regarding their Supreme Court case.

I love the ‘O’ and ‘L’ alliteration and the ‘Out’ and ‘Loud’ imagery word, they speak volumes.



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