Miriam Meets…

Miriam Meets… is an Irish radio talk show. The programme began initially in July 2009, as a summer filler, presented by Prime Time and Saturday Night with Miriam presenter Miriam O’Callaghan

I enjoy listening to it each Sunday morning on  RTÉ 1.

Last Sunday’s meeting with the entrepreunurially-minded, (brainchild behind, Lily O’Brien’s luxury chocolates, etc) Senator Mary Ann O’Brien and her husband Jonathan Irwin – who runs the Jack and Jill Foundation – was no exception.

Mary Ann and Jonathan met when they both worked for the Phoenix Park Racecourse. Mary Ann describes the chemistry between them as instant, despite the twenty year age gap and Jonathan’s marriage to his first wife, Michaela.  They married and have had five children together.

They were such an exceptionally articulate couple, that from the moment, they opened their mouths; till they were finished, one hour later, engaging with the very skilled presenter, I was absolutely hooked.

Miriam Meets.. originally began an eight week run, to fill in for Eamon Dunphy‘s Conversations with Eamon Dunphy, while he had summer holidays. Dunphy later announced he would cease presenting the programme. RTÉ confirmed in August 2009, that the programme would move to a permanent home on Sunday’s at 10.00.

The programme has similarities to Dunphy’s programme, but features two guests
compared to one.The two guests are connected through “love, life or family ties”. Like Conversations with Eamon Dunphy, the guests are asked to request three pieces of music.

Listening to Mary Anne and Johnathan’s poignant stories was so uplifting. I would recommended the podcast to all those adult’s in literacy education (like myself) who may be learning, how people, communicate properly in media situations, ie., radio and television.

RTÉ – Miriam Meets podcast 

RTÉ.ie Radio1: Miriam Meets

Miriam meets very exciting Irish people all the time. See: 1st podcast link. Great biographical insight is thus learned from listening to the guests’ successes; trials and tribulations, and the kind of music that means a lot to them.


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