Dia dhuit! Hello America!

This isn’t exactly the most exciting of days to start a blog – or rather, in my case, a simple journal – given the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So – firstly with this in mind, I would sincerely like to empathise with all Americans and other nationalities who suffered so tragically, as a consequence of that most devastatingly, nightmarishly terror event, that could ever bestow a nation.

The tenth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks has been marked at a poignant memorial in Dublin.

Read the rest of Irish Times article.

US ambassador to Ireland Daniel Rooney and his wife Patricia hosted a Ceremony of Peace and Reflection at the RDS Concert Hall.

President Mary McAleese and Taoiseach Enda Kenny were among those present, as were former New York Police Department Lieutenant William Cosgrove and New York firemen Michael O’Rourke, Thomas O’Rourke and Chief Dan Daly.

Mr McAleese told the ceremony the horror of 9/11 still had a chilling immediacy.

“The television pictures are etched on our minds and the tide of grief has never ebbed,” she said.

“Ireland stood then, as we stand today, shoulder to shoulder with our friends and family in the United States.

“We share our remembering as an act of solidarity with all those who were bereaved or injured and with all those who gave their lives or sacrificed their health in order to help, for if terrorism manifested the meticulously planned worst of human nature that day, there were surely so many others who with no more than a heartbeat to decide, displayed a selfless generosity and spontaneous courage of astounding depth.”

Ms McAleese offered the country’s renewed condolences and prayers to the bereaved and injured, and abiding respect to the emergency personnel.

“We have always been so proud of Ireland’s longstanding association with America’s police and fire departments,” she added.

“On that day of days your ready heroism showed us so clearly the source of that pride.”

Mrs Rooney read a poem written by US poet laureate Billy Collins soon after the attacks. Called The Names , it has been read in Congress every year since.

A striking piece commemorating September 11th was also presented to the ambassador for the city of New York. Called Miracle on Stairwell B , it was specifically created for the 10-year anniversary by Sean Egan, a master engraver who worked with Waterford Crystal for 35 years.

The Soul Steps Dance Troupe from New York City closed the event with a special step dance performance entitled Stepping In Remembrance: The Beat Goes On .

Mr Kenny said the event captured the poignancy of the tragic terror attacks.

McAleese attends 9/11 memorial16:03 President tells event in Dublin that Ireland stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with friends in US

I would like to share Nimrod, from, Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar, with all those who are remembering their loved ones, on this very sad day.

I personally find music very therapeutic, especially when words fail to express such gigantic grief which occasionally befalls me, due to past traumatic childhood experiences.

I was first introduced to this exquisitely soothing piece of classical music as a young person in the seventies whilst living in a London hostel. It always stirred up so much emotion. The YT visuals are perfectly stunning.

Edward Elgar – Nimrod by keef 

And here:

Enigma Variations Daniel Barenboim with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,

Nimrod – Edward Elgar by felidae



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